How can nature inspire design?

The Brief
During this brief two week project we were asked to dive into the field of biomimicry, the study of copying nature to solve problems. And asked  to design a stool.
I collaborated with Conall Casey, Kevin O'Melia and Nicolas Wijnstekers on this project.
Photos from a trip to the botanical gardens and the natural history museum. 
We were  heavily inspired by natural structures from these visits and looked to explore this further.
Since a stool needed to support a persons weight, we did research into the strongest aspects of nature. Settling on the sperm whales ability to withstand immense pressures from diving to hunt. 
Its strength is actually in the flexibility of its rib-cage, being able to fold in on itself so it may dive.
Ideation of form
Making of the final piece
Nature has already solved a lot of the problems we face today and we should look to it for inspiration more. This collaboration was a great lesson in teamwork and four people working under a strict deadline to get the final prototype finished.  
We were happy with the final outcome and there is definitely some scope to resolve it further.

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