Future foods

What will be the future for sustainable meat production?

The brief
During this critical design project at Designskolen we were tasked with assessing future trends and current consumer habits to design a product for the home. 
Due to climate change and globalisation, people are moving to cities. The demand for meat is also growing with the increase of the middle class in Asia and Africa. 
One solution to this demand is lab grown meat, the first "patty" was produced at a cost of about €280,000, it is now expected to hit €10 by the end of this year. 
With these factors I designed a home appliance to grow your own meatballs. 

Range of sketches ideating interface.

Lego prototype of the product.
I learned a lot during this intensive two week project. Critical design is a fantastic field to question current habits and imagine a more sustainable future. I hope to get more experience in this area. 

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