A field guide to explore a familar place with a new perspective.

The Brief
While attending the Design West summer school in Letterfrack, I created a map to guide people through a small island using the original Irish placenames to guide the users.

This project was shortlisted for the Irish Design Institute graduate design awards 2021. 
Research by Exploration 
Inspiration was taken from local landscape and language. 
Tools for exploration 
Create a field blanket to use while researching on-site at Omey island. 
Fauna on the island
Watercolour sketches of the local fauna on the island. 
Iomaigh: A field guide
Iomaigh is your guide around the island, Guarín translates to” Little sand Bank”, which describes the sand dunes of the northwest corner of the Island, Cluain means lawn or meadow, representing the grassy southeast corner. Be sure to travel to Sturraicín, which through its translation describes the high point of the island where you can take in the full view of the surrounding area.

This work embraces the Irish language and its descriptive nature. 

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