Finding a low cost solution to an everyday problem for Kay.

Fixperts is a learning program that challenges students to to use their creative skills to solve a problem for a real person. 
I worked with Laurence MacDonald, Brian Conway and Adam Barker on this project. 
This project was shortlisted for the RCA Helen Hamlyn Fixperts Award. Find the full shortlist  here.
We met with Kay to talk about her issues with arthritis and some of the problems she has day to day.
She highlighted a problem with her front door, so we decided to focus on that. 
Brainstorming ideas
Development of prototypes to test aspects of the design
The making of the final product. 

Final product in position

Reveal of final product to Kay & preview of the film produced for the project
Find the full film here
The Fixperts competition is a great programme to learn the skills of rapid prototyping too get the best solution for the end user that will last. 

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