Hi, I'm Aaron, a multi-discipline designer based in Annecy, France. With a focus on industrial, apparel, and service design, I'm always looking to challenge myself in the design industry. 

Working across many disciplines in design, a consistent theme in my work is social responsibility. I feel designers have an obligation to leave a positive impact on the products they create. 
My work has been well-received, being shortlisted for two design awards and commended for the Royal Society of Arts student design awards. All three of these projects have put a huge focus on the end-user and their real behavior. 
I love to experiment with new materials and processes in my spare time. I believe you never know if you like something until you try it first, always making so that i can discover new possibilities. 
Third Spaces
I find joy in the outdoors, whether it's interacting with the sea, forests, or mountains. This third space is where most of my insights are uncovered, allowing me to switch my brain from work mode and make connections I couldn't see before. 
Thank you for taking the time, please find below a link to some of my work. 
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